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8. mars-kafè på Esbensengården(Vadsø)


Strikkekafè på Grenselandmuseet(Sør-Varanger)


Utstillingsåpning "Sjøfugl og miljø" på Bietilægården(Vadsø)

Torsdag 12. mars 2015 kl. 18.00-20.00 åpner vi utstillingen...


Kvenfolkets dag(Vadsø)

Markering av kvenfolkets dag i Esbensengården kl. 18.00-19....

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The Brodtkorb wharfs

Open 16.00-17.00 every day from April to October.

From June 15 to August 15, the museum is open from 11.00-17.00 during weekdays, and 12.00-17.00 during weekends.

The museum is closed from November to April, but will open on request. Contact the museum by phone: 40 48 03 32, or by email: for more information.

Located close to Valen in central Vardø, the Brodtkorb wharfs consist of Saltbua, Tranbua, Bødtkersjåen and Storsjåen, the latter containing the Pomor Museum. The buildings are the oldest wharfs dating from the Pomor trade period in Finnmark, and were built between ca. 1840 and 1900 by the Brodtkorb trade house, who also owned most of the fishing factories, warehouses and packing houses located along the docks on the western side of harbour. In these buildings, Norwegian, Russian, Finnish and Sami workers were salting fish, storing stock fish, and making cod liver oil.

The four buildings were damaged during the war, but were restored and then used as storage facilities until the museum started using the largest building, Storsjåen, as a museum in 2005. The smaller buildings are not in general use, but are sometimes open for art exhibitions and smaller museum exhibitions during the summer.
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