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Foredrag: Vedlikehold av gamle hus. Kl.19.00(Sør-Varanger)

Fortidsminneforeningen og bygningsverner Else «Sprossa» Røn...


Foredrag: En russisk barnekrigsfange tilbake i Norge. Kl. 14.00(Sør-Varanger)

ved Steinar Wikan. Foredraget er gratis, og åpent for al...


70 år i fred ved en grense: 1944-2014(Vadsø)

Bokforedrag med Olaug Bye Gamnes, Esbensengården mandag 11....


Else "Sprossa" Rønnevig - Ta vare på de gamle vinduene!(Vadsø)

Esbensengården mandag 11. mai kl. 19.00. Fortidsminneforeni...

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Vadsø Museum-Ruija Kven Museum was founded on January 1st, 1971 and is located in the centre of Vadsø. It is now a part of Varanger Museum, which is comprised of three departments, in Vardø, South Varanger (Kirkenes) and Vadsø.

The museum in Vadsø has a special responsibility for documenting and presenting the history and culture of the Kven people, in addition to the history and culture of Vadsø.

The museum is housed in four authentic buildings from the 19th century, the Bietilæ farm, the Tuomainen farm and the Esbensen estate in Vadsø, and the Kjeldsen fish factory on Ekkerøy 15 km east of Vadsø. Each of these four sites, with their respective collections, illustrates a different aspect of Vadsø’s history: as a fishing village a farming area and a centre of trade and administration. The exhibition ”Airships and Boats,” situated on the dockside in Vadsø, the fishing boat Kjartan and The Vadsø Island Culture Park are additional attractions available to the museum’s visitors.

The Vadsø city council owns the museum’s buildings.
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